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Day of caring FAq's

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Day of Caring.

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Project FAQs

If you are registering a volunteer project, please review the information below before you register:

How Do I Register My Project?
You can register your project online. 2018 project registration is now closed.

Is There a Project Minimum or Maximum?
Projects require a minimum of 2 volunteers; there is no limit on maximum size. All projects should be 5 to 6 hours in length.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Projects I Can Register?
There is no limit, but if you have multiple projects, you will need to register each project separately.

Can I Add More Projects or Make Changes to My Registration Later?
You can register an additional project at the Project Registration link. To change (or delete) a project previously submitted, please contact Barb Mallory or call 304-414-4405 with your changes/deletions no later than August 3rd.

What Types of Projects Can I Submit?
Here are some ideas as you plan your project. Be creative and have fun!

Art projects with youth Paint a wooden deck
Assemble kits for shelters Paint picnic tables
Assist with a bulk mailing Activity at a Senior Center
Build a wheelchair ramp Build a storage shed
Build/rebuild a fence Build shelving for a storage shed
Clean a shelter Read to someone
Read to seniors Weatherize a client’s home
Clean up trails at a camp Re-organize an area
Give a kitchen a thorough scrubbing Shampoo carpets
Repaint exterior of a building Hand out food at a food bank
Sort clothing at a clothing bank Have a party/picnic for clients
Hold a recognition picnic for volunteers Paint a mural with kids
Plant shrubs or flowers Teach crafts to seniors
Take kids to a park Strip, wax, and buff floors
Trim trees and bushes Create a picnic for homebound seniors

Elements of Successful Projects

  • Clearly connects the work done with the organization’s mission and services
  • Involves work that makes a lasting impact and is hands-on; is novel, new, “happening”
  • Doesn’t require advanced skills
  • Makes a difference and is easy in-and-out
  • Is not a work project which “no one else wants to do”
  • Is not routine maintenance work

Are There Any Project Restrictions?
Yes. In order to make the volunteer experience as pleasant as possible, we discourage the following types of projects:

  • Telephone recruitment, telemarketing (or fundraising)
  • Distributing flyers or door-to-door campaigns
  • Skilled projects which require background in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, paving, roofing, or requiring any type of equipment such as trucks, tractors, bulldozers, etc.

Should I Provide Volunteer Orientation?
When your volunteer team arrives, we recommend a short orientation prior to starting your project. You may want to include staff/client introductions, agency mission, program description, and an agency tour.

What about Lunch and Refreshments?
We strongly encourage you to provide cold drinks (water and pop) as well as lunch for your volunteers. Don't forget to thank them and feel free to take pictures of the volunteers in action; we'll be happy to post them in our picture gallery.

Who is Responsible for Providing Supplies/Materials?
Your agency is responsible for providing all the necessary supplies, tools and equipment. You can ask the team to bring everyday items they may have at their workplace or home. Examples include: garden tools, small hand tools, rakes, shovels, paint scrapers, brushes, etc.

What if it Rains?
Day of Caring is held rain or shine. It is recommended that you plan a backup project in case other projects are completed ahead of schedule or in situations where weather may play a factor. A change in weather may require a switch of plans, a move to a new location or different supplies.

I've Registered My Project...What's Next?
After you have registered your project, you will receive an email confirmation which will recap your submission.  You will also receive a follow-up email to schedule your “match meeting” time.

I Have to Cancel Our Project - What Do I Do?
We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you might need to cancel the project that you registered. If this is the case, contact Barb Mallory immediately at 304-414-4405 so that we can assist the team in finding a new project.

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Volunteer FAQs

If you are a volunteer, please review the information below before you register:

How Do I Register My Team?
Volunteer teams must register on line. 2018 project registration is now closed.

Can I Register as an Individual?
Individuals are welcome to participate. You are also encouraged to recruit your family or friends to form a team!

How Big Can My Team Be?
Volunteer teams interested in participating can range in size from two people on up. In cases where teams have many volunteers, we strongly recommend they register multiple teams, since many projects cannot accommodate more than 15 volunteers at one time. This will ensure better project placement and a more satisfactory experience for team members. Multiple teams from one company will most likely be assigned to more than one project and go to different locations.

Can I Add More Teams or Make Changes to My Registration Later?
Once you have registered, you can add new team members names or change number of volunteers by contacting Lisa Hudnall at 304-340-3521.

My Project Requires Special Skills - What Should I Do?
While we do not encourage heavily skilled projects, if your team is matched with a project that is skilled in nature, (i.e., requires carpentry or other technical skills) we strongly encourage you to visit the project location in advance and meet with your project contact. This will allow you to determine what materials and tools you need for the project and whether some or all of the work can be done by your team.

What Is the Project Length?
6 hours (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

Am I Responsible for My Own Transportation?
Yes. All volunteers must provide their own transportation or make arrangements to carpool to the assigned project location.

What Types of Projects Are Available?
Nonprofit and community organizations are encouraged to submit projects that fall within the following categories:

  • Indoor Work - including but not limited to fall cleaning, minor repairs, reorganizing supplies, painting, a craft project with clients, etc.
  • Outdoor Work - includes but not limited to raking, mulching, general yard cleanup, minor repairs, landscaping, painting etc.

Listed below are a few examples of projects which may be submitted:

  • Creating a community garden or memory garden
  • Painting and landscaping a playground
  • Painting and painting prep work - indoor and/or outdoor
  • Helping at a party, dance, carnival, picnic, or other event for seniors, children and their families
  • Sorting and distributing food, clothing, or books to those in need

What if it Rains?
The Day of Caring is held rain or shine. Keep in mind that weather conditions can easily change and volunteers should arrive prepared for all conditions. A change in weather may require a switch of plans, a move to a new location or different supplies.

I've Registered My Team... What's Next?
After you have registered your team, you will receive a confirmation email that will recap your submission. You will encouraged to attend a “match meeting” where you will learn the project your team has been matched with, receive your t-shirts and other needed information.

My Team Has Cancelled - What Do I Do?
We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you might need to cancel. If you have registered a team and they are now unable to participate, contact Lisa Hudnall immediately at 304-340-3521.
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