Pick up a newspaper, turn on the television or log into social media and you will see substance abuse is a national crisis and a local crisis.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, West Virginia leads the nation in drug overdose deaths with nearly 34 deaths per 100,000 people, more than twice the national average. Likewise, results of a United Way of Central WV (UWCWV) Community Needs Survey, conducted in the summer of 2015, indicated that respondents believe the greatest problem facing our community is substance abuse. 
After more than a year-long review of this and other needs assessments by the UWCWV Board of Directors and community volunteers, the UWCWV will allocate 10% of the community funds raised through a grant process that is open to community nonprofits that are addressing the community impact area of Health with the primary focus on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery.  The program must address one or more of these pre-determined substance abuse outcomes.
  • Prevent substance use among youth and/or adults using evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs.
  • Reduce substance abuse among youth and/or adults.
  • Increase youth and/or adults maintaining sobriety and self-sufficiency.
Non-profits interested in applying for this 2017 funding need to visit the United Way of Central WV's website to submit a Letter of Intent by January 15, 2016.
Funding will support organizations making a clear, measurable difference in the community. The new, open application process will help UWCWV address critical community issues. 
If you have specific questions, please contact Lisa Hudnall for more information:  
304.340.3521 or lhudnall@unitedwaycwv.org

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