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Generations Working Together 

The United Way of Central WV's Generations United to Give Campaign is about all generations working together to promote and grow our mission. This growth is a direct result of your investment in our cause. Donors of all generations make this possible. Find out more about why and how your generation gives below.



The Matures consist of those born between 1945 and earlier and are 70 and up. Their "give" on an average of $1,367 a year, representing 26% of total giving made to charities. Our eldest group of supporters continues to set examples and make waves through philanthropic giving. While they are still predominantly responsive to traditional methods of giving, like direct mail and telemarketing, they are increasingly open to giving in the digital age. Our keepers of tradition are also the most important source of legacy giving across the industry, continuing to have impact and fuel change by letting their children, grandchildren, and other generations know about charities close to their heart. Matures - we invite you to visit  to make your donation today! 


The Baby Boomers consist of those born between 1946-1964 and are between the ages of 51-69. Their "give" on average consists of roughly $1,212 per year, representing 43% of donations made to charities. Baby Boomers are the biggest givers and are dependable and generous. To pledge visit:

Generation X consists of those born between 1965-1980 and are between the ages of 35-50. Their "give" on average consists of roughly $732 per year, representing 20% of donations made to charities. We know Generation X appreciates convenience and ease so we invite Generation X to visit to easily donate to the cause.


Generation Y consists of those born between 1981-1995 and are between the ages of 19-34. Their "give" on average consists of roughly $481 per year, representing 11% of donations made to charities. Ninety percent use social media platforms to promote and represent their causes. While Generation Y may be a small percentage we know that they are the most inspired and the most passionate advocates. To pledge visit: 


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Where Would We Be
Without Your Willingness to Give?

Did you know that the United Way of Central WV's partner agencies helped 61,674 people last year? Darryl is one of them. He is a single father of a three year old son and one year old daughter. The children's mother unexpectedly left one day leaving Darryl unprepared to house and take care of two small children. He spent his time walking the streets with nothing but a stroller for his children while searching for help with housing, clothing and food. His savings was quickly spent on hotel rooms, baby needs and food.


After months of pounding the pavement and not being able to work, Darryl contacted a United Way partner agency who helped him also connect with churches and other local agencies for assistance. The social worker was inspired by Darryl's patience, good manners and determination to do what he needed to receive help for his family. Darryl and his children received help with food, clothing, and support toward their first month's rent. This dedicated father now has custody of his children, has an apartment and help with child care so that he can work to provide for his family.

Partner Agency Success Story

PRIDE Community Services in Logan County is a new partner agency of the United Way of Central WV that is already making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. In May 2014, a couple, ages 55 and 64, contacted PRIDE Community Services for help. Both husband and wife were disabled and unable to work. They had a shut-off notice with an outstanding power bill of $1,543.67. The wife also submitted a letter from her primary care physician explaining that the woman had a diagnosis of seizure disorder and was forced to wear a Life Alert monitor. Without power, the Life Alert base would be inoperable causing a potentially life-threatening situation.


Although the program limits each recipient to $500, the partner agency understood the dire health situation that was created by not having power. They worked with area churches, social organizations and local benefactors to secure enough to pay their electric bill down to $500. At that point, the agency was able to pay the remaining $500 and utilize their other programs to help stabilize the family situation. As a result of their initial application for Micro-Emergency Assistance, the couple was also able to receive Weatherization services to make their home more energy efficient, obtain assistance with utilities through Dollar Energy and use Farmer's Market coupons to assist with the purchase of healthy foods.  

Living United Through
the Workplace Campaign


United Way workplace campaigns are about bringing people in local workplaces together to tackle our community's most difficult issues in the areas of education, financial stability and health. 


United Way of Central WV offers a simple, convenient and efficient way for employees to support the community and causes they believe in. Employees may give in regular increments, via payroll deduction through an easy to use system or through paper pledging.


Through a workplace campaign, employees experience the satisfaction of seeing their donations turn into programs and services that create impact on people's lives.

Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary, Vice President and General Counsel at Northeast Natural Energy, is a United Way of Central WV Workplace Campaign Coordinator. We recently asked her a few questions about her work with the United Way of Central WV and here is what she said. 

What does LIVE UNITED mean to you?
LIVE UNITED recognizes that we are all in this thing called "Life" together.

Why do you volunteer with United Way?
If we're in this together, then we all have to do our part.

Was charity a part of your upbringing?
I grew up in a small town where the community came together when anyone was in need, so if that's charity, then yes, charity was a part of my upbringing.

Why are you so committed to making sure United Way makes a positive community impact?
We live and work in our community not as independent individuals, but as part of the interdependent  fabric that is woven from all our efforts.  The true measure of a community is the strength of that fabric, and United Way is a very strong thread in it!

There are two ways to give:
  1. Visit
  2. Contact your Workplace Campaign Coordinator. Don't have one? Be one! Contact Janice Amspoker, Resource Development Director, at 304.340.3544 or


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